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I'm off back to the parents in a couple of days time for Christmas and will invariably need to tune up their Windows PC. My USB key-chain currently contains Firefox, Thunderbird, AdAware, Spybot S&D and ZoneAlarm updates as well as service packs and virus definition updates. What else should I include?
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have you thought of adding vnc? i'm debating whether it's worth trying to talk them thought the install so that from then on i have remote access...
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There was a canonical thread on this a few months back. For some reason I can't find it. But it did suggest looking on the P2Ps for Hiren's Boot CD, which is filled with (illegal copies) of all the utilities you would ever need.

Actually, looks like there's a link to dl it in this forum thread.
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Response by poster: Good point about VNC. I use TightVNC with them (as it's modem to modem) and it has always worked well. I really should update that too.
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There are some good ideas over at the OpenCD project.
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So - do you just d/l the setup files onto your keydrive, or can you somehow get the whole program on there? I'd like to do this, and include the essential AVG anti-virus, too - but will it work? Don't they mesh with the OS of the PC that downloaded them?
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The canonical thread of August 6, 2004, with tons of suggestions, is here.
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