Rock Band in NYC
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What bars in the NYC area can I go to to play Rock Band?

I heard that some bars in NYC host Rock Band nights. Does anyone know where I can go to find out about these?

and since I could just google the answer to this, the real reason I'm asking here is because I'd like anyone who has attended one of these to tell me what they thought of it.

so yes. rock band nights in NYC. where? how? good? bad?
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Best answer: According to this article, there's an app for that!
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(I'm assuming the app will have a ratings system of some sort)
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Best answer: I go to Identity on Wednesday nights. It's not a well-publicized event; usually, it's just me and my friends and an Xbox. Other groups do show up from time to time, however. Everyone's been good about taking turns, and by the end of the night, people stop segregating and the band represents a good mix of all present social circles. The bartender is awesome and will usually come out and school us on the drums at least once during the night. I highly recommend it.
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Response by poster: olinerd: "According to this article, there's an app for that!"

well, that'll hopefully solve my problems once it comes out.

until then, askme will once again be ahead of the curve! rock out, folks, and keep the recommendations coming.
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Response by poster: also to clarify: not all answers NEED to involve a personal experience. if you just google something and post it, that's fine. I simply meant that personal recommendations are ALSO appreciated.
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Best answer: I am not in NYC, but went to my first "Rock Band Bar Night" Tuesday of last week (and then happened to be back at that bar on Thursday when they had it again).

At the bar I was at it was a Rock Band night/Karaoke combo. You could choose either and you just took your turn in the order you signed up. It was kind of a bust for several reasons:

(1) There were a decent amount of "karaoke night" regulars there who sang multiple songs.
(2) Those times when people played Rock Band, they did it facing the audience, so it was more a performance than a video game session/collaboration. That meant that if someone was no good on guitar or drums or bass the vocalist was signing a song to the whole room with only occasional clangs and beats behind him. Not a very welcoming atmosphere for people wanting to casually jump in to it.
(3) Because the people there were karaoke people, there were less people milling about willing to step in and play an instrument. At a Rock Band dedicated night, there would likely be more people ready to play.
(4) Practically, as a result of the above, it was karaoke night just about all night long, with just a couple people doing Rock Band songs. Those that did Rock Band either embarassed themselves - and seemed as a result to not have as much fun going through the song - or were trying to show off their mad Rock Band skillz rather than have a good time.

I have read reviews and heard about other Rock Band nights where the setup is not facing the audience but instead is off to the side. I think the advantage with such a set up is that it focuses the game more on the collaboration of the band and less on the performance aspect. That's really the fun of the game (to me anyway): jamming out with your bandmates rather than putting on a show.

All of that is a long way of saying you should seek out a RB dedicated night, as the fun quotient would likely be well higher.
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