misbehaving macbook using windows
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My recently purchased 13'' Macbook Pro has been behaving strangely.

I recently got a 13'' Macbook Pro, with a 2.53GHz duo processor and 4gb of RAM. I use some software which only runs on Windows, so I installed windows using bootcamp and the drivers provided by mac. After about a week and a half, windows would no longer boot, aside from in safe mode. I would turn on the computer and the splash screen would appear, but then the screen would remain a very dark gray color.

I reinstalled both OSes (OSX and Windows), and everything was fine until a week later when the very same problem happened. Both times, I had VMware installed on OSX , and the second time I was able to boot up windows and shut it down using VMware. OSX appeared to be fine both times. I was running the Bootcamp partition using VMware.

I ran all checks that I could on the Mac after the first incident, and the second time I brought into Mac where they did a thorough check of everything, and reinstalled OSX. They and I found no hardware issues. I had not installed anything, or made an system changes before this problem occurred.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions about what could be going wrong?

I am ok using VMware, but I would prefer to certain that I can use Windows natively.

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Best answer: Other than less memory available (and you have lots to spare) there's very little performance difference between Windows in a VM and Windows booted alone via Boot Camp.

They're both "native". Even via VMWare, Windows is running on the Intel hardware. It's certainly not emulated.

If 2 or 3Gb of RAM is enough for this special Windows-only software, set your VMWare machine to use that much RAM and run it that way all the time.
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Well, to me, it sounds like you're doing something to screw up the bootcamp partition - any chance of a virus or trojan?

I've been using (on my <6>
Once you get it running, there's an app called WinClone that will let you clone your bootcamp partition (so if it dies you can ressurect it again)
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There is also a bootcamp update out there.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers/suggestions.

To clarify, the splash screen would disappear, and the screen would go blank just like it would when booting normally but it would remain this color. It's basically a black screen, but backlight a little.

I don't quite understand how it runs natively if it is within another OS. I need to read up on that to understand it a bit better. But I'm playing around with memory allocation and it seems like it is getting close in terms of performance. And the mac gets a lot less hot which is nice.

filmgeek, so if I am doing something to mess up bootcamp, I have no idea what it is. As I said, I haven't made any major changes before it stops working, and it's extremely unlikely I have a virus (up to date mcafee, no dodgy downloads, all windows updates, only use computer at home/college in secure networks). Also the fact that it happened twice, after a complete harddrive wipe.

I'll take a look at the bootcamp update.
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Best answer: For anyone interested, the problem appeared to be due to the nvidia driver. I had not made any changes to this, it just stopped working. So after talking to some knowledgeable mac-folks at my university, I upgraded this (when booted into safe-mode) and it seemed to solve the problem. I seem to be one of the few people who have had this problem.
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Response by poster: And a secondary problem is that if you use an external screen, you need to use a combination of nvidia and windows controls to make sure it displays properly, and to know the screen resolution (it can't seem to auto-detect). I wonder if am I the only mbp owner with this problem?
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