What's a good Vancouver hostel?
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I need a place to stay in Vancouver on Sunday before a flight. What's a good and cheap hostel in Vancouver, Canada, close to easy transportation to the airport (i.e. the Quick Shuttle)?
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Well you're in luck, because the Canada Line just opened, so if you're anywhere near a Skytrain station you can get to the airport very easily.

There are a lot of hostels downtown but I have a friend who recommends the Samesun on Granville. You want Vancouver City Centre station to catch the Skytrain; the Samesun is about three blocks away.
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Why not try couchsurfing? It has worked like a charm for me.
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I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Vancouver for being the first Canadian city to have real, live rail transit from the airport. I cannot wait to try it.

And since there's a skytrain station near it, I heartily recommend that YWCA (NOT YMCA!) Hotel across from BC Place Stadium. Not a hostel but cheap, clean, quiet, a class act.
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I stayed in the Samesun this summer. I liked it, but it did have a bit of a party atmosphere. The HI is right across the street, and they are usually a little quieter if you prefer that. Both of them, however, are right in the middle of the city's club district.

The walk up to the Skytrain station was a bit of a hassle with a (normal-sized) backpack and a large duffel bag, so definitely take that into consideration if you have lots of luggage.
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The HI across the street from the Samesun used to be noisier, but the bar that was on the ground floor is now closed down. I was there last Sunday night, in fact, and slept fine. Admittedly, if you are a light sleeper, you might want to ask for a room away from the street.
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