Seeking Cambridge Big Screens to Watch Serena Et Al
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Boston/Cambridge US Open Filter. Dear neighbors, I'm getting into watching the US Open and would love to watch the upcoming final matches on a big screen at a pleasant local saloon. Any suggestions for a bar that shows -- or is likely to show -- the matches? I'm in Inman, so prefer Cambridge, but am also feeling open-minded.

If anyone wants to join me we can make it a pre-meetup mini-meetup. Thanks for any suggestions.
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If you don't have to hear the commentary I'd suggest John Harvard's. You might actually find some support for watching tennis against the college football/NFL/Red Sox crowd.
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Thirsty Scholar one the outskirts of Inman has a bunch of tvs, often shows tennis, and will change for you if you ask nicely. It's a nice enough atmosphere, never too crowded, but it probably won't put the sound on. You can get a big tower of beer with some friends and enjoy it nonetheless.
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