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I'd like to put together a collection of new (i.e., unfamiliar) music for a friend who gravitates toward the more wistful moments of Belle and Sebastian, James, et al - Brit indie pop that often falls under the dubious label "twee." Any recommendations?
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Trembling Blue Stars. Maybe not new ... but British, indie and certainly twee.
Also, The Softies. Not new, not British, but indie and twee-er than twee.
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Twee eh?
My all time favorite twee act, and longtime guilty pleasure is the husband wife team of "mates of state"

Other than that - my favorite current pop groups
The Magnetic Fields (the new one "I" is awesome, but 69 Love Songs is the classic)
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Shins (everyone - everyone loves the shins)
The Decemberists
New Pornographers
Death Cab for Cutie
The Wrens

None will steer you wrong
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You should also check out Stamey & Holsapple (formerly of The dBs). Not Brit, and arguably not "twee", in the bad sense, but still very good pop of a more delicate sensibility.
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What Quartermass said, and (not necessarily Brit, but):
The Reindeer Section
Kings of Convenience
Badly Drawn Boy
Velvet Teen
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One of the classic labels of the twee era is Sarah.

You might also try The La's
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camera obscura
The Concretes

Not quite for public consumption yet as they've only released 1 limited edition 7" single at the moment but next year is going to be the year of The Magic Numbers...truly amazing band, keep an eye out for them.
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Kings of Convenience, Field Mice/Trembling Blue Stars (and lots of the Sarah bands--, Mates of State maybe (?), the Eric's Trip song "My Chest Is Empty," East River Pipe maybe, The Sprites, Elephant 6 bands, Tullycraft maybe (occasionally they're sad sort of), The Unicorns...
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oh, and The Fly Seville, Poole, and Sleepyhead.

also: maybe obvious, but check out all of Stephin Merritt (of Magnetic Fields fame)'s projects, and maybe a stretch but Yo La Tengo has some wonderful boy-girl harmony wistful songs.
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Quartermass strikes the nalil soundly on the head !
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Response by poster: Wow! Fantastic suggestions, folks. Thanks so much, and keep 'em coming.
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Response by poster: Also - let me throw "Aberdeen" (San Fran-based, not the NYC band) into the mix. Amazing stuff.
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Although the melodies are not as delicate, I find the sense to be similar for The Mountain Goats. Also TMG is the best band ever.


You might check out The Ladybug Transistor, although they are not twee and might be a bit too precious. They are for me.
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Ballboy is the closest anything has come to Belle & Sebastian for me.
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Teagan & Sara
The Elected
Promise Ring
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Well, since Belle & Sebastian were mentioned as a starting point, some Glasgow goodness:

The Delgados (Unversal Audio is the new one, but The Great Eastern is the one to get).
The Pastels (you want stuff labelled "twee" but that's actually great? The Pastels are your band; check out "Illumination" for sweet boy/girl harmonies and dreaming melodies).
The Vaselines (everyone thought they were twee, but they spent their whole time shagging and singing about shagging, which is about as untwee as you get).

From elsewhere:
James Yorkston & The Athletes; Just Beyond The River came out a few months ago, and is frankly great. As is anything from The Fence Collective, friends of Yorkston.
Woodbine. They've got a new album coming, I think, next month, called Best Before End. Beautiful melodies, Mo Tucker drumming, great lyrics.
(Actually Australian, but that's not the point) The Go-Betweens. Get 16 Lovers Lane and feel like a wistful 1980s dilettante student (in a good way) all over again.

Also, I'll second any recommendation for Aberfeldy, and The Concretes.

On preview: forgot about Ballboy, them too.
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Nobody has mentioned the Trash Can Sinatras?? Am I the only person that actually liked them?
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Third for Aberfeldy. Possibly Augie March.
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If you're looking for Belle and Sebastian-esque material, Camera Obscura is definitely the way to go. They've been accused many times of having too much influence from B&S actually, even though they're a lot better.

Yeah, I said it, and I don't care what the consequences are.
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Lots of fantastic bands have been mentioned already. I'd add Holiday Flyer.

I think I've mentioned this on another music question, but the compilation Pop American Style is chock full of twee-goodness.
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I would try tullycraft. They even have a song name 'twee' available for download. (mp3 link)
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Second the recommendations above, and:

Broken Social Scene
Elf Power
Pernice Brothers
Rosie Thomas
Heather Duby
American Analog Set
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All good suggestions above. I would add:

Saturday Looks Good To Me

My Teenage Stride

and The Stars, (can't find site) whose cover of "This Charming Man" is pure trippy twee goodness!
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D'oh! I didn't see matildaben's post on preview. Even more good suggestions. AAS rocks! (well, in a twee sorta way).
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SLGTM's "The Girl's Distracted" (mp3 link) is frickin' delicious.
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How could I not mention these guys? Television Personalities kind of started the whole indie-twee thing. Some more good recommendations on their site.
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I would like to mention The Clientele here.
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How has nobody mentione Snow Patrol. I'd also throw TV on the Radio into the mix for a bit of edgy-twee.

And Quartermass- not everyone loves The Shins. Talk about an overrated band.

Oh! Iron and Wine and the Postal Service!
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Tullycraft's Beat, Surf, Fun and Tullycraft: singles get a [this is good]!
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You must check out Cessna. They are so great, and pitifully unknown. There are mp3s on the record label site.
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For some older stuff, check out Felt (B&S were influenced by them) and The Apartments.
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Quartermass, excellent taste.

I'll toss in a mention for Sondre Lerche.
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Joanna Newsom is almost twee and not British, but she put out my favorite album this year and makes ethereal music, although her voice polarizes listeners.
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Orange Juice was another purported influence on Stuart Murdoch (of Belle), for what it's worth.

Also, second or third or whatever vote for Camera Obscura.
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Not super-new, but I've got to add The Sundays.

Pure twee perfection.
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The Lucksmiths are just what the doctor ordered.
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I heard a Sundays song this past weekend in Home Depot, it made me dig out their cd's and give them a listen. Great recommendation.
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