Simple bed frame or alternative to frame altogether?
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I'm looking for a minimalist/possibly nontraditional bed frame that won't throw off the zen of my bedroom. What options do I have?

So I just redesigned my room, and the bed frame is the final battle to be fought.

I'm looking for something simple that draws as little attention as possible while raising the mattress off of the ground.

I can buy materials, or even a manufactured bed frame (If so, budget is preferably <$100).

More details: The bed is twin sized and the mattress is of questionable quality (read: the 'frame' doesn't need to promote long term mattress health). Paint is light blue and I am male.

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Is the metal frame that you usually get free with the mattress not minimalist enough? If you don't have one, you can buy it pretty cheaply.
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Do you have just a mattress or do you have a boxspring too? Reason I ask is because there are some nice pretty basic platform beds that will be cheaper/simpler if you have a boxspring. This sort of thing, from is sort of what I'm thinking of. That said, you could make a pretty simple platform bed yourself out of wood. Here are some instructables instructions for one that seems very well received and not too tough.
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IKEA seems to have a couple of cheap options if the metal frame isn't quite what you want.

(Me, though, if you do have a boxspring, I'd just stack the mattress on top of that right on the floor. I did that for a while, mostly because I liked the look. My bed now, while in a proper frame, is still pretty low.)
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Ikea has some good options. I have a Dalselv and I love it-- it's simple and adaptable. The new Engan frame is even simpler, but it looks like the smallest frame is a full. And the Malm is pretty famous for its simplicity.
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I have a Heimdal and it is good. It does make squeaky noises, but if you get the slats from IKEA too it is very supportive.
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I just bought this, and I really like it. It's pretty simple - just wood, not even varnished. It is a little tall, though, so it probably wouldn't work if you have a boxspring and a mattress. I just have a mattress on it, and it's fine.
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Love the Malm. It's low and classy-looking.
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I have and recommend this. It's easier to put together than IKEA stuff as long as you have two people. And it holds up pretty well. No box spring needed, etc.
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On, non-preview, seconding pemberkins' comment.
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Thank you all for the great answers! For those curious, I am going to build the frame Jessamyn linked to from instructables.
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