How to fix an mp3 file that doesn't burn to CD in its entirety?
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One of my mp3 files does not get burned to CD in its entirety (using Windows Media Player). The actual duration is roughly 53 minutes, and the mp3 plays flawlessly all the way through in WMP, but only around 48 minutes gets burned to the CD.

I don't get any errors from WMP when it's burning, but when I play the track on the CD it stops after about 48 minutes and goes on to the next track. I have tried the CD burning three times, so it's unlikely to be a problem with the CDs I used.

Any ideas what could be wrong or how I might go about figuring it out or correcting it? Here's a link to the file. Thanks!
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Best answer: The file integrity verifier in foobar2000 reports that the mp3 header is corrupted and incorrectly records the length of the file. Running the "Fix VBR mp3 header" option results in a compliant file.

It is in fact 56:50, but try fixing the header and then burning in case that's what's messing up WMP.
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