Looking for rock music with strings
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I need some music reccomendations. I really enjoy instrumental string music, but have no idea who some of the really good performers are. In particular, I like the style presented in the theme song to "Angel" by Darling Violetta, where strings are mixed with a modern rock sound.
So can anyone reccommend some good artists/albums to check out?
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If you can find a copy of Palm Fabric Orchestra, you'll LOVE it. Try searching for Frank Orrall or Poi Dog Pondering, then looking for side projects. Also, anything by the string ladies in Poi would be perfect for you - look for Susan Voelz or Alison Chesley.
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Sadly, I can't think of any artists directly on point. But if you like more quiet, experimental stuff, I suspect you might like Rachel's. It's the closest thing I can think of, and though it's not terribly close, it is quite good.
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Darling Violetta have a couple of albums out, you might check them out.

Another band who melds traditional (well, Celtic) music with contemporary music is The Corrs. The best example is their first record
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I have no idea what the Angel theme sounds like but if you're looking for strings in rock, you can't go wrong with the fantastic Dirty Three. I'd start with their album Horse Stories.
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Metallica's S&M album comes to mind.
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Check out Instrumental.
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How about Rasputina?
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