Does this site exist?
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Is there a website that allows you to post your reason/story why you need cheap / discounted airfare and then allows other people to donate frequent flyer miles to you? Kind of a democratic way of setting up needs with excess miles? Seems like a good idea - and something I kind of need right now - but I can't find anything like it.
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I really doubt it, a site like that would probably be overrun with sob stories that it would be impossible to tell the good from bad. It's also pretty complicated to transfer miles.
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Do you need to donate your miles? If so there are programs where you can donate them to charities. If you want a handout, good luck unless you fulfill the criteria these organizations are looking for.
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grouse, I'm pretty sure the OP would like a handout, as you put it.

To the OP, good luck. As kylej put it, the site would be overrun by fake stories hence its credibility would be zero.
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Wish Upon a Hero isn't frequent flier mile specific, but does allow people to ask for things ranging from money, gift cards, food, appliances, prayers, greeting cards, jobs, etc.
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I researched this looking to help the EFF with their periodic travel needs having redeemed old miles so that one of their lawyers could go to Defcon.

As for charity travel check out the Air Care Alliance or similar Angle Flight operations.

There are places where you can barter for miles. I can't recommend anything specific.

Given all this, please remember that most frequent fliers worked very hard to earn their miles and may not take kindly to requests for handouts.

Hope your situation worked out OK.
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