A good German
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I've failed to find a long-ago post (or - dread thought - it COULD have been a comment!) featuring an astounding young German guitar player performing an extraordinary solo of a classical nature - with dazzling finger technique.

It starts low key - and builds to an amazing crescendo. My memory insists either his first name - or surname - was Thomas - but spelled slightly oddly. The player was, I think, under 20 & had already recorded an album. He was performing on his own - but in a club or concert setting. (My eyes are blurring after searching pages & pages of posts tagged "guitar"). Obviously - for some demented reason - I forgot to favorite it at the time. Thanks so much if this chimes with anyone!
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Joscho Stephan?
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"Just 20 years old when he released his first CD on the highly regarded label Acoustic Music Records, his name was already known to insiders as a force to be reckoned with on the acoustic guitar."

Taken from his bio on his website. Previously referenced on Metafilter here and here.
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Richard Thompson is well respected as a guitarist, but he is less the flashy type.
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How did you DO that!

It was indeed Joscho -and somehow I substituted "Thomas" spelled oddly for "Josh" with the extra "c" (and o)!

I am amazed. Thank you very, very much (or danke!! ).
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What's the name of that song? That's not Mr. Sandman he's playing.
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What's the name of that song? That's not Mr. Sandman he's playing.

The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise

He is playing Mr Sandman in this clip however.
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