What was this Japanese movie about kids being forced into a deadly competition?
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JapaneseMovieFilter: I caught 20 minutes of (what I believe to be) a Japanese movie one night on public access television. The show abruptly ended without giving any details. [more inside]

I will be honest here and also say that I was drunk at the time so my memory of details is sketchy. Here is what I remember:

A militant guy is in a caged room with a group of twenty or more teenagers. There are guards presents and the children appear to be held captive. The militant guy is standing at a chalkboard. He starts listing off countries. The only common thread is that they appeared to be countries where America has had military involvement. Then he divides the kids up between boys and girls and starts pairing them for some kind of game. One kid refuses and the militant guy kills him. Then, as a penalty, he kills the girl who would have been this kid's partner. Militant guy then tells them that if their partner dies during the game then they die as well. Anyway, that's all I can remember.
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It sounds very much like Battle Royale
posted by gnat at 12:44 AM on December 21, 2004

Or Battle Royale II
posted by gnat at 12:46 AM on December 21, 2004

Fab if somewhat disturbing film - Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru). Your drunken memory serves you well.

On Preview I was beaten to it!
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It has to be Battle Royale II, because the first movie didn't have the listing off of countries. gnat, how does BRII compare to BRI?
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I read the book for BRI and then saw the movie. The book is amazing and the film is not bad, but the stuff i've heard of the sequel was pretty lame. But, i'll still check it out.

I strongly encourage reading the book.
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Didnt particularly enjoy BRII - pretty much a rehash of the first film.

I think the director died not long into filming and his son took over. Or something.
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Saw the first Battle Royale. Kicked Ass.
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It's Battle Royale 2. Which isn't nearly as good as Battle Royale 1. Which you should find, buy, and then show to all your friends.
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I only saw Battle Royale I, which was great.
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The teacher in Battle Royale 2 lives a block from my house.
A friend of my fiancee is one of the students in Battle Royale 2. He said it's not worth watching. Pretty damning from someone actually in the movie.
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BR1 is amazing, such violence, such pettiness. Made me wish I never left high-school.
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Thank you one and all! You have restored my faith in my ability to recall things while intoxicated.
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