Safari 4 and together?
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Do you use Safari and together, successfully? HOW!?

I'm enjoying all aspects of Safari 4 so far, and happy to bid adieu to bloated slow crashy Firefox, but I'm really jonesing for a useful Delicious integration. seems a little (a lot) less than I need. What I need is my bookmark list right there as in the wonderful Firefox Delicious plugin. Any tips?
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Safari doesn't actually have extensions, so this doesn't really exist, unfortunately.
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You can use bookmarklets to add sites to your account and you can just visit your personal page to access them. See here.
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Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't fully read your post. Safari supports drop down RSS bookmarklets, so you can just subscribe to your RSS feed. Info on RSS here and drop-down RSS bookmarklets here.
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There are a large number of clients for Mac OS X including Pukka.

joshu's comment earlier about Safari not having extensions is only partially true; while there is no "official" support in Safari for the APIs to tie into bookmarks themselves, there are several extensions for Safari utilizing a tool called SIMBL (which does somewhat unsupported things) - GreaseKit and Inquisitor as examples. I'm not aware of a Safari extension that does functions, but there are a number of browsers which use Safari's rendering engine (WebKit).

Depending on the integration you want, generally I post my bookmarks via Pukka, do live RSS for a specific tag that always includes stuff I want in Safari, and use the web pages for the rest or the search built into Pukka.

You might also want to check out a tool called Fluid but i'm not sure about it's Snow Leopard support yet.
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Here's how I work...

I have the safari bookmarklet at the top left of my browser bar in safari. CMD-1 makes a bookmark.

I then have installed safari stand, where I've got a keyword search of my own bookmarks.

So "d askmefi" brings up all my bookmarks posted with the askmefi tag.
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Pukka is great, and another third-party client called Delibar (current version; shiny beta) makes your bookmarks searchable from the menu bar, so it's browser-independent. [There's also a thread on the Delicious forums with similar suggestions.]
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DeliciousSafari is probably closest to what you're looking for.
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Thanks- Pukka + keyboard shortcuts is quite nice. Delibar's beta looks awesome, and I sent in a request.
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