Ever eaten a marshmallow bait?
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Has anyone ever eaten those marshmallow baits that you see in bait shops? If so, how were they?
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I've only bought the garlic marshmallows, so, no, I was not even slightly tempted to eat one. It's been a long time, so I can't remember whether there was a "not for human consumption" warning on the label. Dude, back away from the jar.
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As an anecdote, my grandfather ALWAYS eats a marshmallow whenever he puts one on the hook. One for him, one for the fish I guess. However, he is thrifty and buys giant bags of the actual food mini marshmallows as bait. Personally, I would agree with planetkyoto. Step away from the jar.
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I had a friend at Boy Scout camp that we bet for $5 couldn't eat a whole can.

We got to keep the $5.
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Now stop being a wimp and go try one yourself.
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Wow, you can get glow in the dark sparkle clam flavour! These would make an awesome garnish to some Clamato cocktail.

Which I also wouldn't consume.
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Best answer: I ate one when I was a kid on a dare. It didn't kill me, but it was probably solely responsible for all the bad decisions I have made since.
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It tasted fucking gross.
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Even Steve of Steve, Don't Eat It has not had one. Maybe he would if you asked nice. Or, if you do eat one, you can brag about it to Steve. (And report back to us.)

DolorousEdd - That story about your grandfather is charming.
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