Help me remember the title of a book about a guy who saw the dead!
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Please help me remember a book I read about a guy who saw ghosts!

I'm remembering a book I read several years back that I rather liked. The main plot was a story about a guy who could see ghosts (who looked like normal people, except in black and white I think?). He was having marital problems because of this, and I think he couldn't keep a job, though he started hiring himself out as a ghost detector for real estate. I remember he didn't have a drivers license either, after wrecking his car dodging ghosts in the road.

I think he could also see "ghost roads", entire roads in black and white and if he followed them, he would die? I would have sworn the name of the book was Ghost Roads because of this, but when I tried to look up the book to reread it, all I got were entirely different books. I'm having the same problem with all the permutations I come up with as well (ie, Dead Streets, etc).

So, does anyone else remember this book? I'd really like to reread it if I can ever figure out what it was called!
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Haven't read far enough along in the series to know if the roads ad real estate turns up later, but Odd Thomas is a series of books by Dean R Koontz about a guy who "sees dead people".
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Best answer: Sounds kind of like Perfect Circle by Sean Stewart. He has an ex-wife he still loves, he crashes his car at night avoiding ghosts, he lost his job at a pet store, he hires himself out as an "alternative exorcist," etc.
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Response by poster: Thanks mmw, it was Perfect Circle! It's weird, I would've sworn up and down the name had to do with the ghost roads he saw....oh well. And the book is set in Texas, and quite accurately so. Time to go reread it, thanks!
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