Help me find my favorite coffee mug, again
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Ten years ago I was given the most perfect coffee mug of all time. I'd like to get some more like it, only I don't know where to find them. Someone with experience in promotional items should be able to nail this.

Way back in the dotcom days, I got a coffee mug with the Java (programming language) logo on it from the local Sun Microsystems rep. Although I've done a lot of Java development, it's the mug itself, rather than the logo or origin, that makes me want ten more just like it. The mug holds about 14 ounces, fits my hand perfectly and its lip tapers slightly inward so coffee tends not to drip down the side. Perhaps best of all, it's got a rubber base so it's hard to knock over.

Despite my total lack of photography skills, pictures might help to identify it. The front has the Java logo, while the back has the URL '', just above smaller type which reads 'brewed by Sun Microsystems'. I've also got a picture of the bottom where the ventilated rubber base is visible. The only other marking is the handle's underside which says 'Made' and 'U.S.A.' with an ironically inaccurate depiction of the American flag between those two words.

Any ideas where I could find more mugs of this style, regardless of what logo they have?
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Take that mug to a ceramics shop. They'll take a casting from it, and make you 30 more just like it... without the rubber bottom.

(Then if you must... take that rubber bottom to an automotive shop and get sent to a guy who makes custom rubber gaskets. Get bottoms made to fit.)
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I think tihs mug is exactly like the one you are describing.
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Best answer: So this is some kind of promotional item that Java created, meaning that your mug is probably available with another company's info on it. A google image search for "rubber bottom ceramic mug" showed a few options!

If you like the band Kiss - check this one out.

and then these look similar but you'd have to buy 144 of them. you can call and ask for a sample which they'd charge a nominal fee to send, though! :)
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Best answer: This company has them (the ones with the CNET logo). They might send you a sample, as citystalk suggests, or allow you to buy misprints or overruns if you don't care about what's on the mug. Or you could always commission a gross of them in some personalized design and know that you'll have perfect mugs for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
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Response by poster: halogen: That's awfully close, although not exactly the same.

The Kona Joe mug has a slightly less distinct separation between the mug and handle as compared to the Sun Microsystems mug. It's an insignificant detail — I'd never have noticed it if I hadn't photographed the mug tonight — though I'd rather have exactly the same model than a near perfect replica. But if nobody else knows where to find one, I'll certainly place an order with Kona Joe soon (and mark this "best answer").
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Response by poster: I think citystalk and katemonster have it — that seems to be exactly the same mug.

Practically every guy born in the 70s was a KISS fan at one time, and although I really don't follow them these days, the mug could have Milli Vanilli on it for all I care. On the other hand, ordering 144 custom mugs would mean I'd have perfect mugs for the rest of my life. Since one mug has lasted ten years, I expect my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren will still have a few dozen left over.
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Google the stock number 60-0185I and drill down to see if you can find a source for a smaller quantity. As katemonster suggested, you may have some success just paying for a sample or two, or asking for misprints.

FYI, these kinds of imprintable items are known in the trade as "ad specialties." Most of the companies that sell ad specialties order from the same suppliers and use an industry-wide stock number for each product they carry.
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$2.64 each, can buy in quantities of one. Comes in black, white, yellow, or blue. Found using MegoSteve's method and Google Shopping.
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Get them made with a MeFi graphic and take them to meetups. Instant popularity!
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Wow, you guys are good. The Kiss and Cnet mugs appear to be the same brand. The mug associated with the lot number 60-0185I has beveling on the inside near the lip and is therefore close but no cigar. You could go to to see a slew of their mugs and see if the one you want is pictured.
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Perhaps a little tangential, but ever since I started drinking from insulated stainless-steel mugs, I've never been able to go back to porcelain. Tea stays hot forever in these things, I would highly recommend trying one out.
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