Swiss-Army USB Drives
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More xmas-shopping: Does anyone know of a store in NYC I can buy those swiss army knives with USB hard drives? I know they have them at thinkgeek and amazon etc, but I need it, like, yesterday. Other weird USB devices are also of interest.
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I was looking for EXACTLY THE SAME THING! Crazy.
look here. I know this doesn't answer your question specifically, but at least you'll get an idea of some other weird USB toys out there. I really, really, really want the devil ducky USB drive.
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Sorry if this is a derail but aren't these things asking to fall foul of weapon detection? Maybe I go through flight checks more than average but having a knife attached to a USB has the potential to be quite expensive and a pain in the bum - worth considering when buying for someone else.
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The Swiss Army Store on Prince St. in SoHo.
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biffa: I think the USB key is detachable. Put the knife in your checked baggage but keep the key so you'll still have it when the knife is stolen.
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cilantro: Wow, if there were more pictures, that would be a good post for the blue.
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I think Sharper Image carries them.
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Response by poster: biffa, grouse is correct about the detachable thing. They also make two versions: one with standard kives and scissors etc, and one with just a pen, a flashlight, (maybe one or two other non-dangerous things) and the USB thing.

Anyway -- thanks to falconred and rushmc! I'll check those places out!
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cheers edlundart, that probably increases the chances of me buying one.
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(and grouse!)
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Also in existence, a USB port coffee mug warmer.
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My favorite is and remains the USB aquarium.
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