Can non-UK citizens enter BBC game shows?
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Are non-UK residents eligible to enter the BBC quiz show Mastermind?

I'm interested in applying for the 2010 series of Mastermind, a BBC quiz show. However, I can't work out from the program's website whether or not I would be eligible to participate.

I'm an Irish citizen, living in Ireland, and would be able to go to the Belfast audition centre (or else take a short flight to England). Is there anything in the terms and conditions (which I can't find, aside from "We regret that BBC members of staff and their immediate families are not eligible to apply") that restricts entry to UK citizens?
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Well there's no country field on the application form, so I would assume they're only expecting British applicants.
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No country field on the online application, that is - the PDF just has a space for the address.
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I would try emailing them,, or failing that give them a call, 0870 010 0222.
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I suspect you'll be fine. If you're interested, then calling the BBC wouldn't be the end of the world:

BBC Information line from

Geographical number: 0370 010 0222
Freephone (probably not valid from Ireland): 0800 0928925
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No country field is unpromising, EndsOfInvention, but there are four countries in the UK, so I'm still hopeful.

I've sent an email, and I'll see what they say. If I don't get a response by Monday, I'll try ringing. Thanks for the contact details, nam3d and Magnakai.
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Previous contestant have definitely included Americans resident in the UK, I think giving them a call is the best way to get the definitive answer - good luck (and let us know the outcome!)
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ditto ceri richard let us know how you get on.
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