Know an online store that sells wrist cuffs?
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Help me find an online store that sells lace wrist cuffs.

I have a specific store in mind; I bookmarked it about two years ago but, alas, I've lost it. The cuffs were more of a sleeve addition that you buttoned on at the wrist to create the appearance of a lacy sleeve peeking out from under a sweater or shirt. I recall that most of the items were lacy with a sort Victorian vibe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Was it these?
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It's not them. The store, as I remember it, specialised in these cuffs and maybe hosiery. There were many different styles, less showy than those. They are pretty though.
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Does it have to be a specific set of cuffs? Keep in mind that if it's a high fashion site they may have rotated that stock out ages ago.

Do you remember much else about what the site sold? Where did they ship from?

Etsy is probably not a bad place to go to have a look.
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I know you are looking for a specific store, but I found these a couple of days ago in etsy. I also like these one, much simpler but still pretty.
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