Free Mixes for the Masses?
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MixFilter: I'm looking for free online music mixes to help get me & my collective crew through the most strenuous & stressful part of the year. Tell me about your favorite mix blog &/or website.

Mix style? I mostly enjoy stuff along the funky hiphop worldbeat side of the spectrum and my cohorts seem to enjoy it too (gets them dancing at least). The mixes at Cherryfunk and Captain's Crate are good examples. I've found good stuff at Monotape as well.


p.s. There's often parents & their young'uns about so I'd prefer mixes that sport little in the way of gratuitous swearing (e.g.).

p.p.s. I imagine someone may suggest online radio sites like Pandora or SomaFM, which are great, but I'm looking for stuff that doesn't rely on streaming.
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Response by poster: hmm... my citing of mediocre's song as containing "gratuitous swearing" didn't mean to come across all prudish & judgemental - i find it a rather jaunty & heartfelt tune myself
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My favorite mix site is motel de moka.

There are an awful lot of really good mixes being posted over on the grey right now.
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WFMU is a good go-to when it comes to hearing random music I've never heard before.
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DJ Andy Smith of Portishead fame has a load of his old mixes on his site. I think they suit the remit.
Andy Smith
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Funky 16 Corners has a wide variety of older funk soul and r&b.
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Not really a mix site, but somebody posted links to downloadable John Peel show archives; I bet they'd be interesting.
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I enjoy 8tracks.
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You can't go wrong with the Solid Steel Podcast.
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groovelectric has been rocking my world for a while. it ate my ipod.
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Response by poster: thanks everyone for the excellent suggestions - i've enjoyed exploring all the links, some new to me, some not but long forgotten & happy to be reminded of - found some good sets for enduring our hell week here

don't remember which link it was that somehow wandered me in the direction of SubNav but y'all should check it out - " ...allows DJs to add their mixes to the site for others to download, gratis! soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, reggae, dub, dubstep." - many many great free mixes
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