Looking for Changi Airport MAC makeup colour advice
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Looking for information about MAC cosmetics in Singapore, both about where to find certain products, what's available there and what colours might suit me.

Hi, I'm based in Australia and here, MAC has a makeup palette you can customise. It comes with 4, 6 or 8 squares into which you can put a square of foundation, one of blush, your choice of eyeshadows etc. Basically you can mix and match.

Now my husband is coming through Changi Airport tomorrow night and can actually pick me up some duty free, so my first question is, is this customisable palette available at Changi Airport? MAC Sing website doesn't even list this store, or products so I can't call them and MAC Australia seem to be lost on the topic. (Australia also don't list it on their website but it's offered in store). If someone knows if it's available and can let me know in the next few hours that would be great.

2nd Part; Should this happen to be available, what colours should I get? I have dark brown hair, fair to medium skin (more fair, with yellow undertones) and light brown eyes. I'm after a few eyeshadows, a square of foundation, a blush and maybe a few shades of lipgloss/lipstick.

And is there any MAC product I can't do without... I already have liquid foundation.
Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: You might get quicker responses if you sign up for makeupalley.com.

What's your MAC foundation number? If you know that, you can search the forums over there. Often people will post, say, "I'm a NW15, what colors of eyeshadow would look good?"

I'm not sure about the palettes, though. In the US we have six or twelve spot eyeshadow palettes and six for blush.
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Best answer: Here's a direct link to contact information for Changi Airport's MAC store. They're open 24 hours, so I'm guessing you can call (or email) them anytime. I don't remember whether Changi Airport's MAC store has a customisable palette though, sorry.
As for specific colour/product recommendations... I think it might depend on personal preference, but - purple eyeshadows can look nice on brown eyes (I like 'Satellite Dreams" and "Stars n Rockets"). I know some people really like the Mineralize Skinfinishes and the Strobe Cream but they were both sort of meh for me (and I found the Strobe Cream too streaky for my skin). I like MAC's Liquidlast liners because they are the best waterproof / smudgeproof / anything-proof eyeliners I've found so far. (On the other hand, mine dry up in the bottle after some months, so application becomes increasingly difficult over time.) But I know some people really dislike Liquidlast liners because they are hard to remove. Your husband could also ask the sales assistants for recommendations - the sales assistants at the Changi store, in particular, give good recommendations (in my experience, anyway).
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I have no idea about the customizable palette, nor about the Changi duty free shop, but I've gotten great recommendations on which makeup colors to get by using the MAC Email an Artist service on the official MAC website.

If you give them the shade of foundation you use (even if it's in a different line), as well as the description of your skin tone that you've given us here (fair to medium skin (more fair, with yellow undertones)), they can give you a suggestion on a shade that might work for you (thanks to this service I found out that I'm an N2 in Face & Body foundation, and by golly it was a match!).

Also let them know what type of lip/eye color or look you're going for, and they can give you suggestions on those as well. As for the blush, the color "Blushbaby" is one of the most universal and popular nude blushes they make if you're looking for something subtle.
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Response by poster: You guys rock. I've now called the MAC counter at Changi thanks to that number, they don't actually have the customised palette so I'm taking a set they do have (Fresh cut), a blush (lilicent, for those who care) and a compact foundation. Thanks so much, looking forward to both my husband and makeup now!
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