Seeking web-based hosted calendar that will support Palm synching and ICal
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I'm looking for a hosted calendar solution, web based, that will support Palm syncing as well as iCal compatibility, maybe through an export type or something. Does anyone use something similar, free or otherwise? So, a web based calendar that I can host that allows syncing to palms and iCal date crossing sharing export match sync.
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You can't just sync up with Palm devices from the web without a plugin. For hosting my calendars, I use my own WebDAV server.

iSync + Palm Desktop + iCal + WebDAV + PHP iCalendar should work.
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Well, if you use Missing Sync and/or the iSync Palm conduit you can merge your Palm datebook with iCal. As iCal already allows for publishing a calendar, you should be in good shape.

On preview: What oaf said, I didn't catch that you wanted to sync iCal and your Palm with changes made online.
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I use Outlook Web Access from an Exchange box that I host at my house, but you can find hosted OWA service in the neighborhood of $5 a month.
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Monju: Does Tasks support/allow syncing to palms?
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well, yahoo calendar doesn't have iCal support, but it does do palm on windows.
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ajr: the palm sync functionality is not transparent, unfortunately. One of the big selling points is that Tasks is designed specifically with a mobile interface for easy access from a PDA. This assumes, of course, that you have a PDA that can access the web. If you do not, there are a couple of more cumbersome options for syncing with the Palm. Apparently some people have got syncing to work by using AvantGo.
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Monju: thanks, I recently installed Tasks 1.0 and have really found it to be useful. Palm sync would be a huge bonus!
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