Where can I find more pants like this?
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What sort of pants are these and where can I find more?

I got this pair of pants at H&M because they matched the woman's suit jacket I was buying. I originally scoffed at the length but I have now fallen in love with them. I am especially looking for pants this length/cut in other formal fabrics (the pair pictured are glen plaid).
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I believe that style is called a capri pant. A search should provide copious results.
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Best answer: Those are cropped cigarette legged pants. Many, many examples with links to buy here.
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These are a pretty clear example. They're similar to the ones in your picture, on sale, and adorable. Check Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Kohl's, J. Crew.
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Best answer: Buy any straight-leg or skinny pants that fit (H&M and others will have inexpensive skinny jeans). Put them on, pin them where you want them to end, and get them hemmed at a tailor's or drycleaners. You can also have a 4" wide cuff added right around the calf. I think this style looks especially cute (excuse the dumb image, but you get the idea) and is very flattering on the legs as it makes the calves look shapely.
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Response by poster: Excellent suggestions so far, this is exactly what I was looking for but alas, 'tis out of stock.
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Esprit's outlets had similar styles.

I'd wear them with high heels and a dressy top, no argyle socks. Need to show skin, not sock or nylon with those...
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