So, what do the big boys play with?
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I'm looking for some really good helpdesk software. It does not have to be free. Any suggestions?

We're a small IT company with a lot of clients. Ideally, this software would do the standard ticketing/tracking, but I would also like to do time management and billing with it. Also, some of our users will be remote, so it needs to feed the same database over the internet, either in realtime or at the end of the day. Offline use would be nice to have. Windows based. Ideally, it would have ACT integration, but that isn't a must. The ones I've tested so far do not work as described. Is there an industry standard? Thanks, in advance.
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RT is pretty awesome.
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oh, sorry, i missed the "windows based" at first read. RT is web and email based, but generally runs on linux with mysql as the database. i'm not sure if there's any kind of windows port for it.
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SysMan is affordable and does a pretty good job. Downside for USians: support is in Australia.
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