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I recently fell in love with the concept of fake Twitter accounts, and I'm currently collecting them towards some sort of a project. Can you recommend you favorite (if any) fakes on Twitter?
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The fake Dina Lohan twitter (http://twitter.com/dinalohan) is incredible. Info on the actual author.
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@yesmichaelkay is pretty funny if you're a fan of the Yankees YES network.
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HOBODARKSEID is an absolute scream. Darkseid, the chief villain in Jack Kirby's New Gods comics from the 1970's, has fallen on hard times and lives in a dumpster behind a Baby Gap.
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Laura Ingalls Wilder.
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Fake Steve Jobs.
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twitter.com/cobracommander he took responsibility for this weeks gmail outage.
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@FakeRodBlago was extremely amusing for a while there, but he's been quiet lately.
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Lazy shortcut: "fake twitter" search from MetaFilter. Google hits #1 & #3 for fake celebrity twitter accounts: PC World's favorite 15 and Twitter Fan Wiki / Fakers. I don't follow tweeters, so I wish you good luck dredging through this all.
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I typed out all of these nicely with html, but then closed my tab, so I'm going to be lazy and just put the usernames:

Sockington and PennyCat
The Questionable Content cast: MartenReed, FayeWhitaker, PenelopeGaines, DoraBianchi, SvenBianchi, HanneloreEC, XxSexyRavenxX, MarigoldFarmer, Tai_Fighter

Does Mathowie count? I don't believe he exists.
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After posting, I realized that the prior suggestions were all for "impersonator" accounts; someone tweeting as someone else. Were you looking for that, or for Twitterers who are themselves fake/not real?
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Sockington the Cat
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Dr. Samuel Johnson is great.
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If you follow the TV series Mad Men, you'll very likely enjoy the Twitter feed for Carla, the Drapers’ African American housekeeper. Here’s her exchange with Betty during a Twitter-based Tea Party:

Carla: This uniform makes me feel uncomfortable. But I can’t show it; must maintain my “quiet dignity” for the party.

Betty: And be sure and put out Cointreau for White Ladies.

Carla: Oh, won’t all of your guests be white ladies at the party?

Betty: You are such a character! Gin + Cointreau + Lemon + Powdered Sugar = White Lady. Don’t forget to iron your apron!

Carla: We could offer Black Ladies as well. Brandy + Grand Marnier + Kahlua. Paul Kinsey told me he likes Black Ladies.

Carla: And at least, I get to keep my own clothes clean if Betty and her friends spit up the White Ladies on the black lady.

Betty: And change the record on the hifi to Bing Crosby, would you?

Clara: Putting on Bing Crosby record, wishing I’d brought my Louie Armstrong “Christmas Night in Harlem” record to play.

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I recommend HelloBigFoot.
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Tedd Leo (a typo one day turned into a fake account the next)
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shit my dad says


the mime
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Heh. Samuel Johnson's twitter leads to RealBoswell and Laurence Sterne (which in turn leads to a bunch of fake Tristam Shandy accounts).
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Oops, RealBoswell.
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Response by poster: The question arose, here's the answer: Fake Twitter Accounts, as I understand them, are writing as someone else, a known figure. Fake Steve Jobs is the best example.
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Stevie Wonder [google cache] was my favourite before Twitter yanked it.
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@nickcave is pretty clever.
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All the madmen characters are on there. I got a (twisted) private message from Glen Bishop once.

So were all the characters from The Stand, whom I followed until they bored me.

also see

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seconding cobracommander, it's the only thing my non-twittering friends read on twitter
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@jennyholzer's a good one.
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Why don't you follow Fake Diana Vreeland?

(the author of the fake DV tweets is Erin McKean. )
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Jonah Hill said on Letterman awhile back that a kid in Alaska was tweeting as him and got in a feud with Jon Favreau (I think).
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Nick Griffin, Leader of British nationalist horrormongers the BNP and all-round bad egg, has been ably served with the excellent Real Nick Griffin
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Are you a fan of Arrested Development (TV show, not the boy band)?

Dr Tobias Funke's posts are filled with excellent double entendres
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If you're into sports, there's a fake account for LA Lakers player Ron Artest (@ThugRaider37) and it's pretty funny sometimes.
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John Kreese, the evil leader of rival dojo Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid.

Tedd Leo, a very funny fake account that regularly interacts with the real Ted Leo of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists fame.
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Fake Stephen Conroy, the Australian Minister for Intertubes.

(For context: Real Stephen Conroy; Real Fake Stephen Conroy.)
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Taking a train down to Austria & gazing out the window sullenly. This means nothing to me. This means nothing to me. Oh, Deanna...

Bewilderbeast, for showing me this, I love you forever.

Also: I like @mrsstephenfry
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If you're a fan of Questionable Content, you may figure out that each of the main characters has their own twitter feed (plus a few more). The author of the comic maintains all of them.
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ah foo. I missed the remarks upthread. ah well, I like my links better. :)
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