I need a beach!
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I need an accessible, non-nasty beach in nyc this weekend!

Ok I know its Labor Day weekend and all beaches will be insanely crowded. However, this is my only chance all summer to go to the beach. SO, I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and I have no car. What beach can I reasonably reach by public transportation that is not horribly dirty and sketchy?

I love Robert Moses beach but have never tried to reach it without a car. I guess.... LIRR and then catch a taxi over? is that doable?

any other suggestions? should i venture into NJ? Is Brighton Beach.... ok to swim in? I'm really clueless here. help!
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I think Rockaway Beach fills your needs. Easy to get to on the A train and not too crowded. Well, a little crowded. It is in NYC after all. But nothing like the insanity of Coney Island.
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I love Robert Moses beach but have never tried to reach it without a car.

LIRR to Babylon, bus to the beach. Easy-peasy. Although Jones Beach would be a shorter trip: LIRR to Freeport, bus to the beach.
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And it's relatively clean.
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It's far, but the LIRR goes out to Montauk. It's gorgeous out there, lovely beaches, nice town.

You should also look into destinations that the Hampton Jitney serves - they even have buses that leave from Brooklyn, although not Greenpoint.
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Governors Island's water taxi beach has a great view, but you won't be able to swim
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Take LIRR to the Watch Hill National Seashore. There is a short walk from the train to a ferry, but it is more than worth it. The beach is pristine and never crowded; I went on 4th of July and it was spacious. They have a little beach store and straunt. It is not as far as Montauk and everyone I bring there is blown away by the cleanliness.
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Response by poster: all i care about is swimming! My friends are suggesting Brighton Beach. Is it ok there? i've never been.
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I like Sandy Hook. There's a ferry from east 34th street that goes there (http://www.seastreak.com/sandyhook.aspx). Beautiful ride across the harbor, then a short shuttle bus trip to any of the several beaches on the island. There's even a nude beach if your tastes swing that way.

Side note though: it being Labor Day weekend, you should expect insane crowds.
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- Brighton Beach is very nice. The water is maybe a bit icky, much like Coney Island, but I would swim there without much worry.

But I would suggest Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways. Go to the end of the 2 and take the Q35 bus over the Marine Park bridge. Great swimming, clean water, and--unlike Brighton--some surf! And it's not crowded at all. Neighboring Fort Tilden has a National Park Service beach that's similarly nice.
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Brighton Beach is fun - it's one stop away from Coney Island, and accessible to CI by short walk. I've never had a problem swimming there.
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2nding Jacob Riis. its a great beach and its in the city and its not icky. you can hop in a cab if you want.
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Try Long Beach. The LIRR station is a few blocks walk from the boardwalk. It's semi-private (owned by the City of Long Beach), and quite clean. And, it costs $10 for a day pass - which is cheap as hell if you consider how much a beach club pass costs in, say, Atlantic Beach.

It will be crowded, but not as crazy-crowded as the free beaches.
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Hmm I live on long island , GEtting out to mountaulk will stink . That part of the island will be packed.

I think if your looking for a decent beach thats easy to get to using public trans Jones Beach is perfect.

You take the LIRR to Wantaugh and then take the bus to jones beach from the train station.

I think anything father then jones beach will take you longer to get to then how long you will actually be there.

IF not jones beach then i would say something in the city.
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Brighton beach is great - definitely not a resort beach - but its clean enough, tons of families - and you can enjoy the great Russian food after. 45 min from midtown. Go for it.
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3rding Jacob Riis -- Coney and Brighton are fine, but Jacob Riis is just a really pleasant beach.

The other not bad alternative is to take the A out to the west end of Rockaway. I like to bring a bike, use it to jet down another ten or fifteen blocks, and get on the much less crowded part of the beach past the end of the subway. There's a bus equivalent too, I think.
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Good: Jones beaches.

Better: Robert Moses State Park beaches.

Trust me on this one, especially on a holiday weekend. Jones beach will be a madhouse.
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Response by poster: We ended up going to Brighton and it was totally fine. much cleaner and less crowded than i expected. i mean, it wasnt the most beautiful of beaches, but considering it was just 45 minutes away, it was more than adequate. thanks everyone for the advice!
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