Where can I find the Ordnance Survey desktop wallpaper for May 2009?
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Can you help me find the Ordnance Survey desktop wallpaper for May 2009, please? Preferably 1024x768 size but anything very gratefully accepted.

The very splendid UK official mapmakers, the Ordnance Survey, give away desktop wallpaper each month. There's a nice photo of somewhere in the UK with a calendar for the month. I have an almost-comprehensive collection, but like a fool I missed May and, whereas they used to be archived on the site, they've now pulled the archive so if you miss a month you've had it. Copyright problems, I guess.

I found somewhere on the web where people were discussing this and claimed to have archives so I mailed them very politely asking for help. Silence. I'm stuck.

Yes, it is rather OCD-ish of me, but what the h*ll. I like having them, is all. Any bright ideas please? I am pretty sure OS themselves will not be able to help, but I am dropping them a line just in case. But really I think my best hope is someone else who's been as obsessive as me - but more efficient! :)
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Stanfords are a friendly bunch, and maybe someone there has downloaded something.
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Good suggestion, thanks very much. I've emailed them. Watch this space.
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This issue is now resolved, in a highly satisfactory manner. In case there is a copyright issue I am not sure how much more I should say, though I hope that there isn't one, since it's personal use only and not really any different in effect from how it would be if I had downloaded it when I should have, in May. I'd hate to get someone into trouble for being helpful.

On a completely unrelated matter, like a sort of random interjection, I'd just like to offer the observation that OS Customer Services has some very nice, kind, sympathetic and helpful people working for it! :)
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