New York (Bronx) Hotels
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New York Hotels. I need to travel to New York at short notice for family reasons. For the same family reasons, our customary free downtown digs are not available. Are there any reasonable and reasonably priced hotels in the Riverdale area of the Bronx, near Henry Hudson & 238 St? Any other reasonable options between there and downtown would also be OK. Any suggestions welcome, thanks.
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Best answer: That is by Manhattan College, here's what's listed on their site.

There is also The Riverdale Press, a local newspaper you can check the classifieds on (google it), and an Irish expat newspaper, which I think is called Home and Away that may have listings.

As a long shot, here's the local college bar, maybe you can call and see what they recommend?
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Best answer: A couple of years ago, I looked into whether there were *any* hotels in the Bronx that didn't rent rooms by the hour. There weren't.

You may want to call around in Yonkers - I do remember finding one or two that hadn't yet become no-tell motels. From what I remember, those places weren't much of a financial advantage over some of the cheaper places in Manhattan.
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Try Hotwire. They're great for last-minute cheapo hotels.
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Best answer: I can't tell you 100%, but I know the area well enough to say that theres an extremely small chance there are any hotels in Riverdale.

Your best bet if you're going to be around there is the far-upper west side, around 100th street, which has hotels running the gamut from "national chain" to "sketchy hostel". It's then merely a few stops on the 1 train to 238th st.
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This is NOT in the Bronx, but you did say any reasonable options between the Bronx and downtown, so I'm suggesting The Jane Hotel. It's in the West Village and looks pretty cool... it's done up like the interior of a ship! And the best part is that the rooms are only $99/night. If only I had an excuse to stay there (I live in NYC)!
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I live quite close by and don't know of any hotels. However I haven't needed one so might not know about some.

I did want to let you know that the 1 line has been more exciting than usual due to a ceiling falling at 181st St. Last weekend, 1 trains were not running between Dykeman and 137th and, although it appears that they will be running this weekend, you would do well to check on this before hopping on the train. There are shuttle buses to get around gaps in 1 train service, or you can walk between 215 and the A train 207th St stop, but this can be an unpleasant surprise if you didn't know ahead of time.
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Response by poster: Disaster averted - a helpful neighbour has solved the accomodation crisis. I've marked some best answers for future reference, as the follow-up research I made before the nighbour called seemed to back up the idea that the far-upper West side was the best bet. Thanks, all.
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