How hard can it be to rent out a no fee ferchristsake
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Where do you search for an apt in NYC?

I'm looking to rent out my apt in NYC by owner, no fee. I've signed up with Craigslist, but have been out of the market for so long I no longer know where else people check. So, where is it the kids are rental hunting these days?
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Best answer: craigslist.
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Oh and I don't mean to be snarky. I don't know anyone who uses anything but (excluding word of mouth and home buyers).
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I had a broker rent out my apartments (who also checked references and wrote up a lease). The broker was paid by the renter.
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Brokers are the worst human beings in NYC and I refuse to give them any of my business. Craigslist is overwhelming but an efficient and relatively democratic way of alerting potential renters to your newly available apartment. Tell your friends and co-workers to ask around if any reputable acquaintances are looking to rent as well.
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Craigslist. Apartments go FAST, so you have to be constantly checking the website.
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Best answer: NYU and Columbia (and probably the rest of the area Schools) have off-campus housing offices that collect listings for not just students but faculty and staff as well.
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Seriously, don't bother anywhere but Craigslist. The only alternative is brokers, and I agree with the above assessment... brokers are terrible. If you have too many responses to handle, just up the rent...

I've never met anyone who found an apartment through any means but those two.
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Nobody I have ever met did anything but craigslist.
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When I had a room to rent, I posted on both Craigslist and Facebook, and got more responses from the latter than the former. If you're on Facebook, I highly recommend posting there.
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I'll go against the grain and suggest that going with a broker can be okay, especially if you do not have much time to spend vetting applicants. In this case, look for either brokers familiar with the building (if that's possible - usually larger buildings) or brokers familiar with the neighborhood at your price range. Also, the renter would pay the broker fee in most cases.
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Brokers are scum. Craigslist has the most breadth but the truly good deals and owner-listed apartments go quickly. It's not uncommon for an apt to be taken within an hour of being listed.

Best bet: buildings with management companies that have leasing offices. Just walk in and check availability, pay a small credit check or application fee.
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