Who makes the glasses from A Scanner Darkly
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In "A Scanner Darkly," Robert Downey Jr. wears a pair of interesting spectacles. Who makes the frames, or who makes a similar version?

I would like to buy the frames Robert Downey Jr. wears in "A Scanner Darkly," but I can't Google my way to them. Who makes these or a similar version?

Here are links to images from the film showcasing these frames:

Glasses 1

Glasses 2
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Hrm. Oakley has some here that have the wide "legs" like the ones in the first pic (the second was un-viewable), or take a look at some of the "Lifestyle" models here.

Not exact, but who knows what the artists did to the actual glasses he was wearing during the shoot..
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Here's another picture I found digging around online without much luck (from a Yahoo question that got deleted without answers it looks like but the cache preserved the pic.
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When you get the error on the second image, click in your address bar and hit enter (just refreshing won't work). Amazon probably doesn't like the non-Amazon referral.
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I found an even better example of the same picture. I don't know if this is really helping but there it is.
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These Republica Sacrementos look similar, but they don't come in gray that I can see.
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