Where is a good spot to take pictures of a car in Seattle?
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What's a good place in or near the greater Seattle area, to park and photograph a car? I'm looking for somewhere which is a nice area or has a nice backdrop, has space to stop a car, and which is generally fairly deserted (so that camera etc. can be set up without constantly being the path of people/cars, and pictures can be taken without having to wait for people to leave the frame, etc). To make things harder, this would most convenient during the day on a weekend, but if a good place is most empty during office hours (or whatever), it might be worth the inconvenience.
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Kerry Park and Alki Beach are the most common photograph spots in the city.
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If you cross the Magnolia Bridge to Magnolia and keep going straight, there are a few places along the road that are parking areas for overlooks. People park there to walk along the trail, too, but I remember them being pretty empty almost all the time. In fact, Magnolia itself seemed pretty empty most of the time to me, after living on densely packed Queen Anne.
I moved away from Seattle about five years ago, though, so maybe this has all changed.
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There are a few nice parks along Lake Washington boulevard that have parking right next to the water. You may have to get there early on the weekends to avoid people.

Day Street Park
Mount Baker Park

Also, in front of the Black Sun at Volunteer Park
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Magnuson Park sounds like it would work. There's a bunch of mostly empty parking lots there.
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The Woodland Park Zoo has a nice woodsy area here, with nice spots to be found along the circular road.
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Just in case you find the perfect spot but can't get rid of the detritus, there's Tourist Remover, online and free!
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If you need a less distracting spot and are willing to drive a bit for gorgeous mountain views, you can take I-90 east to Snoqualmie. The ski resort is obviously deserted right now, but the parking areas are still open, and the views are pretty remarkable (although nowhere near as busy as, say, Kerry Park). Alki Beach, however, sounds like a better idea.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far.
Clarification: I am willing to drive a fair way - nice locations that are off the beaten path would be perfect.
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How far is fair way? I took pictures of my friend's truck in the Heather Meadows parking lot up past the Mt. Baker ski area a few years ago (in the summer.) It was a weekend evening. It wasn't too crowded and the setting sunlight on the mountains was pretty nice. The pictures went over pretty well. Where ever you go be sure to take some shots with the car's lights on. You might like those better.

You know, assuming they're visible.
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Don't forget some of the mountain approaches on Mt. Rainier - Sunrise, Paradise, etc. Lots of pulloffs and senic lookouts. But - make sure you do it within the next couple of weeks... unless you have a 4x4 that you want to take pictures of.
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I highly recommend Hamilton Viewpoint Park in West Seattle. When I was selling my BMW several years ago I took my car pictures there and they turned out great. Nice city views, typically small crowds, lots of space to get some good angles. Check it out!
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And if you choose to check out Hamilton Viewpoint Park, you might want to swing by Belvedere Viewpoint on the way. It's a little to the southeast in karizma's link.

Here's the view, and there is a parking lane right along the viewpoint, with only a sidewalk and unfortunately a railing between you and the view. Usually not very crowded, but the railing might spoil the shot of a car.
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