Who's got my onion rolls?
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It used to be that pretty much any old deli in town had those classic NY onion rolls, but lately they seem to have become increasingly hard to find. Are there still places where I can get a nice toasted onion roll with butter for breakfast, especially in the Penn Station area?
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Doesn't Zaro's - in the station - have them? I'm not sure...

For that matter, I think that "Hot & Crusty" in the Concourse Corridor has them.

Failing that, I would guess that you could try the Cafe Europa across the street from the 7th ave entrance.

I also think that the breakfast carts have them, but they aren't going to be able to toast or grill them for you.

If I see anyplace that definitely has them on my walk to the office tomorrow, I'll put in an update.
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Response by poster: None of those places have them . They've really become quite a rarity it seems. (And I'm talking onion rolls, not onion bagels, which are indeed abundant.)
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Dunno either, I'm afraid --- but have you tried the midtown lunch boards? They might be more on-target for finding someone who knows.
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Best answer: Aha! I've got your onion rolls!

Bagel Maven - 30th and 7th. I only saw the kaiser-style onion rolls, but that doesn't mean that they don't have the challah-style ones.

Cafe 28 - 28th and 5th. A bit more of a hike, but they have both kaiser-style and challah-style onion rolls.
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Response by poster: Bagel Maven FTW.
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