Husband-wife morning activities?
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What kinds of quality-time activities can my husband and I enjoy in the morning before we go to work? I'm starting night classes and he works during the day, so our schedules are pretty well incompatible. So I'd like to make the best of our midweek mornings together (6:00 to 8:00 am). Thoughts?
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How about doing yoga together or going for a run. You'll both feel better set up for your day.
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Well... aside from the obvious, how about exercise - biking, hiking, jogging...
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Exercise of your choice together and then sit down and have breakfast without the TV, phones or laptops.
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Have no idea where you live but, especially if there's a park nearby, just a nice morning walk together. Quickly make some coffee or buy some along the way. Not so much exercise (though this is healthy too) as an activity.
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Crossword puzzles & reading the morning paper together.
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My wife and I only get one day off together each week. Part of our Sunday morning ritual is making an awesome breakfast.
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6 am is right about when the sunrise is juuuuuuust starting to get good, and the show's over by about 7, usually. Maybe just simply watching the sunrise and nothing but would be a lovely, calm thing to do.
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24 hour diner breakfast!

Also you may be able to find a local place with a pool that opens that early - not totally sure that would be my idea of what to do at 6 am but it may suit you.
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My husband and I get up in the morning, before our kids, and then just curl up on the sofa with our mugs of coffee and.. talk. We chat about the day ahead, what happened yesterday, what the kids are doing, short and long-term plans and everything in between. It's literally my favourite part of the day.
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Board games. My wife gets up at 4AM to babysit at our house, and I have been waking up with her recently. So what we do is play a board game or two in the mornings. I find its a pretty decent mental exercise to get me going, and it fits well into the "get up and get stuff around" bits of the morning.
We also play board games at night too, but that's just what we do.
A few suggestions:
Lost Cities
San Juan
Stone Age (a bit of a longer game, but one of our favorites)
Ra the Dice Game
Thurn and Taxis (our favorite game about the German postal system!!!)
Gloom (what better way to start your day then by making a family miserable before killing them off as they wallow in despair?)
Bohnanza (Early morning bean trading FTW!)

You can find out more about any of these on
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Breakfast together, and have a real conversation.
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We recently acquired an inexpensive metal cafe table and two chairs (it's a tiny table), and have enjoyed having tea and croissants (or other light breakfast/snack) together. The table is set up by a big window looking out onto our, well basically a patio, with some plants. Sometimes there's a hummingbird. It's not a huge deal, but we like it.
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We play trivial pursuit - well, we don't really get out all the pieces, but we pick cards and random and quiz each other on the funny ones. Starts some nice conversations.
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We make tea, drink it on the couch and talk about nothing important. We keep it nice, we watch the clock for each other and sometimes read the paper. It works.
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