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What kind of mapping was used to create the UN logo?

I have a question about the U.N. logo. Was there a particular map projection used for the globe in the middle of the logo? I'm guessing it's azimuthal from the looks of wikipedia's map projection entry, but it may not be because you can see all of South America, Africa, and Australia in the logo.
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"You don't have permission to access /152/0/3/75/2113003750084728982PWbbVo_ph.jpg on this server."

I assume you're referring to this image?
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Best answer: Wikipedia:

The emblem's design is described as:
A map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centred on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalised branches of the olive tree; [...] The projection of the Map extends 40° South Latitude, and includes four concentric circles.
—Official Seal and Emblem of the United Nations, Report of the Secretary-General, 15 October 1946
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Response by poster: oops! yes, thanks. that's the logo. the other one was in the U.N. General Assembly hall, which was why I used it.
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The wikipedia article also talks about how the image shifted from being centered on North America to being N. Pole centric over time. Originally Argentina was cut off (which was ok with everyone then, I guess, since they weren't in the club yet).
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That original was probably similar to the universal polar stereographic projection at the bottom of my link.
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the image shifted from being centered on North America to being N. Pole centric over time.

Which probably explains why we haven't replaced the carpet since the 60's. America is a lousy landlord.
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