No! I wanted a sharp card, not a card sharp
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I am looking for a super-cool card store in NYC.

Mrs. HotBot has not wised up lo these ten years and she loves cool and cards. Where can I get her a cool card in NYC? I need to get it the same day - no special orders. And I am not thinking Papyrus - I am thinking albino monks with a small tea salon/cool card emporium on some street I have never heard of.
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Lion in the Sun in park slope brooklyn might have what you're seeking...
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Pearl River Mart has lots of interesting cards and stationery, and I'd hunt around more in Chinatown if I were you.

There's also House of Cards & Curiosities at 23 8th Ave.
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Might be worth checking out Obscura on East 10th Street and Ave. A to see if they have any super-old greeting cards you can paw through.
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Revolution Books has some cool cards, as I remember. Political, leftist cards, of course.
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