Know any agents in L.A. who deal with movie composers?
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My boyfriend is a professional film composer/pianist in L.A. tired of booking his own gigs and occasionally having to hound filmmakers for money. Does anyone know of a good manager or agent who deals with film composers?

He has a really solid professional resume and is an extremely experienced and creative musician. He'll blow their socks off...he just needs an opportunity to audition for them (whoever "them" is)

He is just tired of doing all of his own legwork, particularly after spending part of the summer trying to convince a producer for whom he composed a soundtrack that the pianist/composer should, indeed, be paid per the contract.

He's looking for a manager or agent who specifically deals with studio and film composers, please. He is also asking his more successful industry contacts, but I thought I'd try Metafilter, too.

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The have-their-shit-together agencies that spring to mind are Evolution and The Agency Group.
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CAMI in NYC - they have some of the bigger names like Lang Lang + Howard Shore + Rufus Wainwright (as a composer). They're not based in LA but they're pretty much global.
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Sheldon Prosnit has a good rep and nice people.
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