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I want to try balut in Northern VA!

I've been looking to try this for ages, but I've never seen any place that sells it near to where I live (Sterling, VA - about 25 minutes from DC as the toll road flies). Anyone have any recommendations of a place to get good balut? Sterling/Reston/Leesburg area would be best, but I'm not averse to going to Fairfax, Alexandria, or DC and the surrounding areas.
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I know of a Cambodian store that sells it in Takoma Park, although I have to think it's available in VA. But if not, let me know, and I'll direct you.
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Try Eden Center in Falls Church. The main grocery store might have it, but there are other littler stores that sell food, too.

I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find it there.
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Apsara Gourmet Oriental Food Market in Herndon, VA.
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Maybe Super H in FFX?
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The Asian grocery store right next to Thai Basil in Chantilly (I don't remember the name of the store) has balut. I have no idea if it is good, nor any wish to find out, but I have seen it there every time I've been there.
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Ask these folks--they're pretty close to you.
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I don't think balut is popular in Korea, and Super H caters predominately to a Korean crowd, iirc.
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Seconding Eden Center. It is likely nobody there will know what balut is – ask for "hột vịt lộn".
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