Travel Alerts without Destinations
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I want to set up something that will alert me to seat sale at a specific time, but without a specific destination. Possible?

I'm considering getting out of town for my 30th birthday next spring and I'd like to have something alerting me to seat sales and/or fares under a certain amount (say $300?) without specifying any particular destination.

I've checked out, and the resources linked to in this post and this post, but nearly all of them require a destination city, which is the main thing I do not want to specify. The closest thing I've found is the "deals from origin cities" on, however my home airport (YEG) is not on their list, nor are any other Canadian cities. My usual preferred airline (WestJet) allows searching in this way, but not e-mail or RSS alerts

Can the Hive Mind point me to anything that will do this for flights originating in Canada? Is there a way to set up something that would collect this from WestJet or even Air Canada?
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though they don't have the specific feature you're looking for, Airfarewatchdog has YEG on their "fly from" list. you can sign up to receive notification of cheap fares from Edmonton.
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I like farecompare, which has YEA (which should include YEG).
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Response by poster: Thanks. I've signed up for e-mail alerts for both of those. Unfortunately, I can't set the date, but I'm a lot closer than I was . :-)
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