Can't remember book title/author
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I'm looking for a book I read in year 6 (1995), and I loved, but can't remember much about it. I think it was "world of O", or "secret of O", or something along those lines, but searches on that don't come up with hits on Google or Amazon. I remember that on the cover, the O had a sinuous line through it (like the yin/yang symbol), and there was a bit where the guy was given special gloves and socks that allowed him to cling on to a sheer cliff face (might have been a deep hole instead, not sure). Does anyone recognise this book? Help appreciated :)
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Doesn't ring any bells, but how about this from this google search.
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Okay. My googlage isn't as good as I'd believed. I feel like an idiot, now - The Halfmen of O is the one.

Many thanks. I will shuffle off and lurk again in embarrassment...
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Not to be confused with The Story of O, about which you can make your own punchlines.
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The story of o with magic gloves that could climb anything would make it more awesome though.
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This is my favorite AskMe ever.
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