DC Metro Weirdness
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DC Metro-Filter: Last night I witnessed a strange stop in the metro system: a car with blackened windows pulled up to the edge of the platform, a guard with a shotgun got out, and some more guys wheeled a cart into the train while another one was removed. What was it?

It's not really a big cash business, anymore, but I guess it could have been the 'till,' i.e. bags of currency taken from the machines that dispense fare cards. It was at the Foggy Bottom stop, headed towards downtown, so maybe some medical supplies being moved from George Washington Hospital to the White House or Congress?

Anyway, does anybody know what was going on? In a related note, is it possible that I saw a metro car laid out with a fine dining table service last year? I thought I'd imagined it but not I'm thinking that there's a lot more to the DC metro than a quick clean commute.
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Best answer: Money train.

DC Metro Money Train.
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Response by poster: Duh. I even saw that movie. Thanks birdherder.
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