Anyone know of Sword Shops on Long Island?
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Does anyone know of any sword shops on Long Island, particularly eastern Long Island? I'm looking for shops that sell mostly Japanese Swords and weapons. Also I'm mainly interested in collectors swords, not practical swords.
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Flying Cranes Antiques, 1050 2nd Ave., between E. 55th and E. 56th Street. They specialize in the Meiji period and have collector-quality swords.
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Oh, sorry, Long Island. For some reason I thought I read NYC. Well, relatively close, anyway...
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Uh, when you say "collector's" what do you mean?

For example, I'd tend to believe that a 300 year old Japanese sword was made to be used. The term "wall hanger", which might mean collectible to some, is often used for swords that would be useful in one fight, after which they'd be ideal for disemboweling people around a corner.
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You definitely want to be more specific about what you mean by "collectors swords". To some, that means pretty swords that cost about $100 and are not fit to do anything but hang on a wall. Contrary to what Kid Charlemagne says these swords would not actually be useful for even one fight, as the stresses caused by simply swinging the swords are often enough to have the sword break in mid-swing.

The swords sold by Flying Cranes Antiques (linked by Civil_Disobedient above) are for collecting in the sense that they are authentic swords from the appropriate period. The only thing that doesn't make them "practical" is the fact that they are worth so much and you are likely to ruin their value by using them. They are however completely functional.
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I don't know of any "sword stores" on the island, but I know one guy; Moses Becerra. He is a kendo guy, but also a sword polisher. I only know him by name and reputation (which is good).

I know several people in the iaido community. And many of them have interest in swords outside of the use in their art (iaito or shinken). Shoot me a MeMail for more info.

Is your interest in antiques or gendaito (new blades)? Also, do you want just the blade, "furniture" (tsuba, fuchi, kashira, etc), or both?
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Well, the website is a good idea of the type of things I'm looking at. As far as collector's swords are concerned, I'm thinking of swords under $100 that are for display only, not practical swords with sharp, combat ready blades.

I'll definitely check out the shop in NYC, though it's the kind of thing I could only peruse once in a while since I visit the city a handful of times per year.

Also, I probably couldn't afford antiques, but a sword shop I went to in Syrcause while I went to school there had replica Japanese and Chinese Swords that were $20 to $100 bucks. They were DEFINITELY not combat ready, as most were half tang and made with lower quality steel. They look great on my wall though!
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