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Recommend some bike commuter blogs

I live in Houston. I have recently resolved to start commuting by bike about 3x a week (more if it's feasible). I live on one of the busiest streets in the city, but I have an almost direct route, a really good bikeways map and alternate route, and all the gear I think I need so far.

What I'm looking for now is tips, in the form of blogs which I can subscribe to, on commuting by bike. I don't have time right now to read through 5 different websites or books. I would like my tips in easily-digestible nuggets.

I've read these posts and found them very helpful. More along the lines of those hints, product reviews, news, etc., please! Bonus points if the blogs relate to Houston or Texas.

Right now I ride a hybrid bike (you should see our potholes!) and I'd like to wear street clothes/work clothes as much as possible. Tips on making this work in the Houston heat are especially helpful.
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Check the "regional blogs" in the blogroll here and you'll find a few that are devoted to commuting via bike. I haven't read through them all, but the ones I've looked at have had some interesting perspectives.
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Try,, and look like decent starting points.
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I love reading Girls and Bicycles, though more for inspiration than tips. After years of commuting on my regular hybrid I was recently inspired to buy an old dutch city bike off of craigslist, so now I can cycle to work in my skirt and heels just like her!
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Copenhagen Cycle Chic
posted by bricoleur at 4:06 AM on September 1, 2009 is exactly what I'm looking for but the RSS feed hasn't been updated in a few months. Girls and bicycles looks pretty good.
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Boston Biker has an obvious Boston angle, but both it and the dozens of sub-blogs listed in their sidebar provide a generous amount of commentary that should translate well to any urban area.
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Bike Snob NYC, while not exactly full of "practical" information for you, is one of my favorite blogs. He's hilarious.
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Oh yay! Brittanie I have the same recurrent goal which I was just thinking this week of reviving because it's slightly cooler in the morning when I leave for work.

Sometimes I look at Bike Houston and they have good info. Not so much commuting but general bike info about H-town.

Two Spoke Forum has a commuter section. I haven't had a chance to really dig into it much.

I've also been meaning to look into Bikely but haven't much yet.

Whenever I go to my favorite bike shop - Blue Line Bike Lab in the Heights (near Onion Creek on 6th) I question the two brothers who run it. They have ridden everywhere here and are a wealth of information. They are super sweet too. I'm probably 20 years older than them and I ask dumb dumb questions and they are always kind and encouraging. I'm going by there later today to ask them a dumb question actually. Their web page has some commuter tips.

The husbands favorite H-town bike shop is Daniel Boone Cycles just off the rail on Crawford between Southmore and Binz. They are about to have a cash for clunkers bike recycle program in October.

Good luck! I'm looking forward to looking through these links as well.

My tip: I start early early early on my way to anywhere. I give myself time to be as leisurely as I want. I go super slow because I don't want to break a sweat. I can do that on the way home if I want to then. It also gives me time to clean up a little at work once I get there.

we should discuss this at a meet-up sometime in the future perhaps? The husband and I were disappointed the David Byrne referred to a bayou as "stagnant water in the shape of a river." Bayous are anything but stagnant!
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