Verizon Wireless Motorolla V60s: how do I turn off the splash screen and keep the speakerphone off?
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I want to turn off the dorky splash screen on my new Verizon Wireless Motorola V60s. Also, I want to know if there is a way to have keep Speakerphone mode off by default when I power up. [MI]

So I just got a new cell phone and it was a great deal for the price ($30 for 2), but when I turn the phone on or off, this dorky video of a teenage boy on a skateboard plays across the screen. I am 32, and maybe this cheap phone is intended for school-age kids, but is there a way that I can disable this feature? Also, the phone reverts to speakerphone mode when I power off and turn the phone on again. Is there a way to change this? The user manual, the Verizon and Motorola websites, and the sales person have not been of any help. For the price, I really do not worry too much about these things, but it would be nice if I could change them.
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I don't know if this will help, but there's a lot of information about "adjusting" your phone here.
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Why are you turning it off in the first place? The only time I've ever turned off my phone is when I'm on an airplane. The startup sequence on my phone is somewhat annoying too, but I've seen it so few times that I don't worry about it.
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Best answer: Searching the helpful community at HowardForums found all the answers I needed to unlock my phone's features. I have fun making my own mp3 ringtones to drive everyone crazy with.
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Response by poster: Much thanks, folks! These links are quite helpful. I should be able to take it from here.

Happy Holidays to all.
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