Financial District Apartment Needed
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We are looking for an apartment in NYC Financial District. One bedroom, max. $2,000. Any ideas? Thanks a lot guys
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Better luck asking this on I think your price is a bit aggressive even in this economy.
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(no offense if you're not familiar with craigslist. Check out that link and of course you can adjust the max rent.)
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Those Craigslist listings appear to be for studios and convertible 1 bedrooms.
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Are you willing to use a broker? Citi Habitats is pretty good.
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LOL. Um, no, not even close. In the financial district? The averag is probably closer to $6000.
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Does Battery Park City count as the financial district? One of my friends recently got a place there for $2500 because they were fairly desperate for renters. It was either one or two bedroom.
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You're probably better off going slightly uptown from the financial district - check out chinatown and little italy.
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Thanks for all your answers

I have been doing research and yes, seriously. Here' s one example:

To answer all the other questions:
I am not using Craiglist because I am not a fan- to say the least.
I am using a broker.
Battery Park City counts.
We are looking at that area because hubby works there.
Thanks for the tip.

For the ones who can and want to, the Financial District is a good deal right now.

Once again, thanks for all your answers and I'll see you around.
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