Finicky Airport Devices
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Airtunes filter – Why are my iTunes speakers connected via Airport sometimes not recognised?

I'm running iTunes 7 on OSX 10.4.11 and whenever I load iTunes it randomly chooses which speakers connected remotely to find.

I have four sets of speakers, all via airports, and it's just random how many it finds.

I'd love to find a fix to this which avoids upgrading to Leopard or getting iTunes 8 or whatever it is now.

Thanks so much!
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How are your Airports interconnected? Plugged into the same physical LAN? WDS? Configured as wireless clients?

I've found that with more than a couple of Airports running as WDS bridges/extenders, finding them can be a little hit-and-miss. They work fine (at least, I can connect to the devices I've got them plugged in to) but actually discovering the Airports themselves through Airport Utility or whatever sometimes fails on the first attempt; rescanning finds them all.

Don't know of a fix; sorry. Maybe scripting a ping of each device before iTunes starts up would work?
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