Snacking around the world
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Blogs about regional junk food and snacks?

I'm mildly obsessed with regional junk foods, and know that there are lots of folks like me. Some of them must have blogs, either writing about the specialties of their own region or seeking out treats from other areas. Bonus points if the blogs are especially well-done or popular.

I'm in the U.S. but I'm interested in American and international snacks. Beverages count, as do regional homemade specialties.
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Anti-epony-...oh forget it.
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The Houston Press Taco Truck Gourmet blog might be of interest to you, but I'm not sure if you'd consider it junk food.
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Nice cup of tea and a sit down
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Not quite what you asked for, but you might look about for Guy Fieri
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kinda off topic, but junk food and awesome

This is what I dream of at night
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For mostly UK-based reviews, but with occasional "international sightings" try Snackspot
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I came here to recommend Kombini Life, a Japanese snack blog, but it appears to be down right now (and hasn't been updated since February). However, if you add that site to Google Reader or Blogspot, you should be able to access the archives, which are fascinating reading.
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The Hungover Gourmet is the best blog/zine in this category, for my money.
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Forgot this blog to wash it down...
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Japanese Snack Reviews
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The Sweet Travel blog, about sweets around the world.
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