"Cancelled" your phone call
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If someone calls my mobile, and instead of pressing a button to answer it I press the one that mutes/silence/stop their call (such as if it's vibrating or ringing, and I can't or don't want to answer it)... do they know that I've deliberately muted/silenced their call or will it keep on ringing along merrily for them until voicemail voice kicks in?
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This seems like a fairly easy thing to test, assuming you have access to more than one phone.
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On my phone (a Pantech C120 with AT&T prepaid service), the caller gets the voicemail prompt as soon as I silence the call. If I do it fast enough, I suppose they might think my phone is just turned off or I don't have service.
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I have a feeling it may vary by phone and carrier, but my phone has two options: to silence the call, and to ignore it. Choosing the 'silence' option quiets the ringing itself but the call is still displayed as incoming and it will silently ring until voicemail kicks in; choosing the 'ignore' option dismisses the call and it is sent to my voicemail immediately. Talking to friends, this second option is noticeable, as it will only ring on their end two or three times before the voicemail options start.
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Depends on the phone. On the iPhone, hitting the power button once silences the ringtone (and the call goes to voicemail eventually.) Double-pressing the power button sends the call to voicemail immediately.
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It varies by phone. On my old Samsung phone, pressing one of the volume buttons while it was ringing would silence the ringer but the call would keep "ringing" silently until the normal time at which voicemail would kick in. Pressing the "end call" button would reject the call and send it immediately to voicemail.

On the iPhone, pressing either of the volume buttons or the sleep/wake button will silence the ringer but let it keep ringing. Pressing the sleep/wake button twice in quick succession will reject the call and send it immediately to voicemail.
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My LG Voyager works the same way as the iPhone. Hit end once to silence the phone, but it'll keep ringing on the other end (and I could still answer if I changed my mind). Hitting it twice sends the call to voice mail.
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Assuming you are actually dismissing the call they will notice by virtue of the fact that voicemail kicks in after only a few rings - if your phone was switched off it would kick in immediately and not ring and if you just ignore it it takes longer to go to voicemail...
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My Ericsson gets silenced by this, but it still rings the full four times before going to voice mail from the point of view of the caller. If the phone is off, it does not ring at all on the caller's line but goes straight to voice mail.
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My friend's phone would actually list a call as "rejected" if I didn't take the call. It varies by model and carrier.
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Depends on the phone, but -- for instance -- when I call my friend Steve and get shuttled to voicemail after two rings, I know that he has hit a button on his phone to ignore that call, as I know (from previous calls to Steve) that it should take four-five rings to enter voicemail if the phone is left alone.
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Why do you think this is best solved by asking a bunch of strangers instead of testing it with your own phone? The best answer here is: Test it yourself.
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From my experience it does vary by phone and how you silence/end the incoming call. That said, it also varies on circumstance. Sometimes calls only ring once or twice for the caller or ring more than they normally should. There's a lot that goes into it, and anyone who makes assumptions based on the number of rings is really emphasizing the first part of the word.
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Thank you at the end it's concluded there is no straight answer, as it is impossible to test as it varies depending on what phone model the caller has to begin with.
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not the caller, the callee(?), the one receiving the call. What people are saying is that you should call your own phone, and find out!
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Samsung on Verizon here. Caller is sent straight to voicemail. I know my husband is avoiding my calls when it rings once or twice and then goes to voicemail. If it doesn't ring at all, it's turned off.
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