Building a PC the old-fashioned way in London
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I'm looking for a good brick & mortar computer parts retailer in or around London.

I've recently arrived in the UK and I'm looking to build a new PC. The last couple of PCs I built from parts purchased online from NewEgg and Tiger Direct.

I've seen the UK equivalents of those (Scan and Aria and what not) but I'd really love to build a PC the way I did back in the old days - by going to a parts store and putting components in a shopping trolley.

When I lived in California I could do this at Fry's. Do we have any stores like this around London?
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Micro Anvika is pretty good, they sell bits but tend to be a tad overpriced. They have stores all over London, even one in Harrods.

But my recommendation would be YoYoTech, just off Tottenham Court road (itself a haven for tech shops). They aren't too pricey, and they're good with returns.
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Wow, YoYoTech looks great! Thanks hnnrs.
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Second on Yoyotech. Prolly the best independent brick and mortar I've been to in the area. Decent prices too.

Although I hate them, and the prices suck, PCWorld is also worth checking. You can check prices/availability online which is helpful.

There's one in Kensington high street near the big ole whole foods, and a few others around town.
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PC World really isn't worth checking. Maplins has some low quality bits and pieces, but I think you're best off ordering online TBH.
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