harbor freight type store in/near boston
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Is there anything similar to Harbor Freight in the Boston metro area, T-accessible?

After breaking a few small drill bits today I missed being able to run over to Harbor Freight and pick up multi-packs of the same small drill bits, among all the other inexpensive tools and hardware they have.

I realize the closest locations are in Worcester and Attelboro but not having a car makes it pretty inconvenient, and the commuter rail fare would negate much of the savings.
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What part of Boston are you in? The Home Depot in East Somerville is a 10 minute walk from the Sullivan Square stop on the Orange Line.
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Response by poster: The Watertown Home Depot is easier for me to get to, but Home Depot isn't really the type of store I have in mind.
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Rockler has tools, but I don't think of it as an inexpensive place. It's mostly geared toward woodworking, but they have some basics, too. I don't know of anyplace like Harbor Freight in the area and neither does the esoteric-tool-obsessed Mr. Cocoa.
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