What's this beat style called?
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IANAMusician: The Libertines' song "Last Post on the Bugle" (in the intro) and "Pull Shapes" by the Pipettes (in the first verse) are examples of this beatbeat-beat rhythm that I keep hearing in songs that I like. My Google-fu has failed me; is there a name for this kind of beat? What other songs have it?
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I tried and failed to find a good source that made the connection explicitly, but it's a surf rock beat.
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It's just a basic backbeat, hitting on the 2s and 4s, with a consistent ghost note on the e of 2. Invitapriore is correct in that that phrase was used in surf music (example), but it was also used in do-wop, rock, and punk.

Here's a breakdown of the same basic beat a la the White Stripes. (Although it moves the e to 4, and adds a slight shuffle.)
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I always think of this classic example - Surfin' Bird
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Oh, and Dick Dale of course.
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Ok, one more, because I really love this song!
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